CTC 2005: Monday (part 3)

I said that the sessions were variable. Well, we attended stuff on communications dashboards and the like, integrating presence, instant messaging, voice over IP etc., etc. Which is interesting, but not something my employer is even vaguely close to. The beef I have with it all is the complete and utter lack of standards so that each vendor is concentrating on their own product line and concomitant capabilities. This is understandable given the relative youth of this market, but if the Siemens, Nortels and Ciscos of the world don’t buck up, who’s to say a small agile player won’t just come in and cut away from the lot of them? Just get some of that grass-roots support with a free end-user focussed product, and build a standard using market penetration?

Notable presenters in this session: Ed Simnett from Microsoft was very slick, but gave us an utter heap of guff all around Live Communicatons Server (LCS) technology. Apparently this can / will work on “any device” and provides presence awareness in applications.

Any device? My Mac? My Palm? Hah! And “applications”? Well, so long as they’re part of the MS Office 2003 suite I suppose.


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