A few people were thoughtful enough to drop me a line today, knowing that I regularly travel forty miles “down the road” to what has been the epicentre of the trouble today in London. For that I am most grateful. Well, luckily for me, I had elected to work from home today, but this kind of thing hits you hard nonetheless. Pretty much everyone I know who works in London has been safley accounted for, and I am thankful for that. Watching the news coverage unfold today, it became apparent very early on that the police and other emergency services really are on top of their game. Whilst general confusion reigned, for the emergency services all their planning and rehearsals kicked-in.

London “got on with the job”: the best retort I can think of for these snivelling cowardly shits.


  1. Ben, I'm real glad to read that you and yours are ok.

    Man, I've been struggling (since New York, Madrid, now London, and all the other trouble in the world) to understand what the hell is going on inside the freaks who carry out these attacks. It is totally beyond my comprehension to see how one could be so incredibly heartless.

    PeaceJoe Litton#
  2. glad to hear you are ok ben. I am up in manchester at the moment, and was pretty shocked about it. great to see people getting back to business so quickly today.simon barratt#
  3. Ben,

    I'm glad that you are ok. We are all sorry about that kind of acts from some people that thinks that it is the only way to let the world knows that they disagree with the others. I can't get how they can do that in name of a faith. I'm sure that no faith can validate this terrorism.

    .::AleX::.Alex Hernandez#

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