Hell’s frozen over

Apple graphic of mighty mouseapple have released a multi-button mouse. In fact, only Apple could release a mouse and have this event crop up on myriad news / Apple / tech. sites. Guffaw!

Apple: Mighty mouse.

It’s a funny old world.


  1. Looks nice and has a nipple what more do you want (In a mouse).

    I like this one too, it's straight to the point:

    Ahh but the keyboard if only Apple could match it:

    Then I'd buy a Mac.

    John Marshall#
  2. I forked out the cash today and bought one. So far I like it :-) I was used to using a MS optical notebook mouse with scrollwheel, but didn't like that MS logo next to my lovely powerbook.

    One thing that is odd at first is how the whole mouse body moves - no actual buttons. Depending on the position of your hand (the hinge is about 2/3 of the way to the back) it can be difficult to press.

    Love the nipple! It has a fantastic feel (don't they all??).Brendon Upson#
  3. LOL That's the quote of the week…Ben Poole#

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