Catching up on hundreds of news feed items, quite a few emails, and some work stuff. I joined the family out in Spain for a couple of weeks and we (eventually) had a lovely time—Toby, our youngest, was pretty ill when I arrived, and we ended up overnight in hospital with him. He’s right as rain now though!

Whilst away, I re-discovered the joys of eBay and ended up doing a couple of timely things courtesy of purchases made there:

  1. Finally upgraded the RAM in my Mac
  2. Finally bought a controller keyboard so I can play the instruments in Garageband properly. Yay! Should be arriving this week. Then I can impose my peculiar brand of “music” on the world (!)

Talking of music, some sad news I meant to post about some time back: Bob Moog, pioneer of the modern synthesiser, is suffering from an inoperable brain tumour:

Bob first noticed something wrong with his arm in late March. By the end of a lovely trip to Alaska, it was bad enough to check in with his doctor. The MRI showed the tumor on April 28th.

Bob went for a second opinion at Duke on May 10th and was told that it was inoperable because of the location in the motor strip (‘the eloquent area of the brain’)…

Sadly, the latest is that Bob is fading fast. Rest easy Dr. Moog.

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Update: Bob died today.

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