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Interesting stuff going on here in the UK at the moment:

Andy Budd: Blogging in Government.

Andy Budd, together with Tom Coates, Joe Clark, Patrick Lauke and Alastair Campbell (no, not that one, a different one!), recently presented at Number 10 Downing Street and the Home Office. They were there to discuss the use of weblogs within government, in addition to the thornier issue of web accessibility (understandably very high on the government’s agenda).

One comment which really leapt out at me:

There was some lively discussion afterward, particularly on the subject of accessible content management systems. One of the audience members was currently trying to procure an off the shelf CMS and none of the vendors were able to provide one that met the double-A standard. Tom quite rightly pointed out that there is a huge market for good, accessible and standards based CMS systems out there.

Having recently attended a conference with a heavy bias on CMS implementations, and also being in a position whereby our organisation is looking at various content management tools, I too am amazed that this area is not more mature and feature-rich yet. Why, if I were a gambling man… ;-)


  1. I'm launching the template into a corporate CMS arena - probably under the guise of

    It is already used in some very big companies as a CMS tool - so it is tried and tested.

    Due to its flexible design acheiving a double A standard in standards etc should not be difficult to achieve. I just need to research the requirements.

    (I'm sorry for this bit Ben - feel free to remove) - If anyone is interested in using the template - or testing to achieve double A standards - just let me know - steve.castledine at

    Steve Castledine#
  2. No worries Steve. DominoBlog is an impressive piece of software, and I'm happy for its trumpet to be blown here ;-)

    (I might start charging for advert space though. LOL )Ben Poole#

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