Deutschland, 1929

These photographs are simply amazing: a large number of pictures taken around the German landscape in 1929. Sadly of course, World War II no doubt put paid to most — if not all — of these scenes. But anyway… there are so many shots straight out of Hoffman or a fairy tale!

Deutschland, 1929. More detail about the pictures can be found here.

Via boingboing.


  1. Interesting pics, especially if you happen to know some of the places how they look nowadays.

    Just a technical question: from both my browsers, Safari and FireFox, I am getting links to the pictures only from the left side of the page i.e. city index from A-L.
    Is it just me or is there more pics to come that you know of?

    Thanks for pointing us to the page anyway.Pieter Lansbergen#
  2. I think the server is overloaded. This link was on boingboing after all!Ben Poole#
  3. I think a lot of the building are still there. or being rebuild by quality architects, though in Poland they often did it better (for example Brslava former Breslau, Gdansk former Danzig).
    A lot of the buildings in the fotos are not in big cities and there were not much bombing. Also in bigger cities like Cologne a lot was destroyed in 50/60ties because during that time they did not apreciate the old architecture.Axel Janssen#

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