DominoWiki update

I’ve posted a minor update to the DominoWiki pages on OpenNTF. This template is pretty much the same as 1.0.1 but finally fixes page categories between the web and Notes (fingers crossed).

Over the past year, DominoWiki has been downloaded over 1,700 times, which is great. If you’re using it, by all means tell us about it: the whys, the whens, the hows. As for 1.0.2, download it, or Bruce will podcast about you… :-)


  1. Cool, I'll have to give it a try.Ben Langhinrichs#
  2. I'm using it at work as an ad-hoc website to maintain status lists, daily to-do lists, personal knowledge dumps, etc. That way my boss (es) know exactly what I'm up to.

    The funny part was when I first rolled it out, my boss said "you know everyone's going to hate you when I want them to do the same thing"… :)Duffbert#

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