The week so far

So far, my week has mainly looked like this:

Ever-so-useful - NOT - error in XMLSpy

… and then…

Windows error



  1. Dunno about the first one, but the second one looks solvable. Volker Weber#
  2. Other way round ;-) Ben Poole#
  3. Ah, master is using XMLSpy.
    The debugger should be helpful.

    For Tomcat: it's better to install it in C;\Java\Tomcat50 (look ma, no spaces).

    :-) stwStephan H. Wissel#
  4. Thanks.

    In the end, both problems solved: a complete XSL re-write in XMLSpy got rid of the first bug-a-boo, whilst the second issue arose from trying to install a Documentum development environment on a hardened virtual server. Which can't run batch files.


    Luckily, Apache offer a fully-stacked Windows exe for installing Tomcat nowadays, and this circumvents the batch file issue for me. Success!Ben Poole#

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