Email is bad for collaboration

Yep, that old chestnut is doing the rounds again!

There’s a pretty thoughtful weblog post out there entitled The Bad In Email (or Why We Need Collaboration Software)—I’d recommend you give some of the posts at Central Desktop a read. There are shed-loads of comments against this particular post, and as one would expect, Lotus Notes gets a mention (especially as the original post’s author mentioned Ray Ozzie). Refreshingly however, few of these comments simply slate the platform and move on (as we’ve seen so many times in the past).

Check it out. Oh, and whilst you’re there. read the excellent comment from our very own Wild Bill :-)

Update: doh! I just noticed that Ed posted about this the other day. Tsk, my head sometimes. That said, I don’t think that the authors are totally off-base in some of their assertions. Whilst Ed takes issue with their statement around encrypted mail and signatures, I can see what they’re getting at. Sure, my firm’s users don’t think twice about sending signed and / or encrypted mail to each other. But that’s on our internal Notes network. The Central Desktop chaps are talking about collaborative tools for everyone.


  1. Benpoole,
    Thanks for taking the time to read our blog posts about The Good and Bad about Email…..and further, thanks for realizing that we ARE talking about collaboration tools and secure services for EVERYONE, NOT JUST NOTES USERS IN A CLOSED ENVIRONMENT!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Isaac Garcia
    http://blog.centraldesktop.comIsaac Garcia#

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