I have to post

Macbook… but I don’t know what to say (“that’s a first” I hear you cry). Well check this out:

Volker Weber: mb4bp - just because it will be Christmas.

Within a matter of hours, the target had been reached. I am just utterly astonished, moved, dumbfounded, delighted. My thanks to everyone, including Volker. As we often say, “vowe is a good mother”.

I am also looking forward to:

  1. hitting Regent Street as soon as possible and
  2. building and improving more stuff for OpenNTF

You have been warned :-D


  1. Merry Christmas Ben and beautiful job Volker! I don't know you from a bar of soap but can tell through the comments you leave on my blog and your own writings that you're a thoroughly nice chap - you clearly deserve it.

    PS, man I loved that store in Regent St - have fun playing with the toyz! :)Colin Williams#
  2. Very well deserved Ben. Small payment for your work done over the yearsPaul Mooney#
  3. Oh, now there will be another person "live-blogging" on a Mac book from Lotusphere. Well deserved!ed maloney#
  4. Alas, not me, won't be at LS07! Thanks for the wishes chaps :-) Ben Poole#
  5. Careful where you step, or we will start a bp2ls campaign. ;-)Volker Weber#
  6. Ben, very well deserved…DominoWiki is a cool app !Colman Carpenter#

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