And now we wait...

And now we wait

Many many thanks to everyone. Christmas arrived early!


  1. Congrats Ben, and good luck with DominoWiki in the future. The new economy begins here folks…Andy Dempster#
  2. Congratulations! Does it come with good software bundle?Kathir Peri#
  3. Thanks Andy :-) Kathir - yes, the bundled software isn't bad, although I have some of it already. The key things are PhotoBooth, Front Row and iLife '06 I guess, although I like the idea of getting OmniOutliner too!Ben Poole#
  4. W00t!

    You realize we will insist upon photos (aka MacBook Pr0n) when it arrives…Rob McDonagh#
  5. Congratulations Ben! Amazing job by Volker and what a fantastic gift to you from the community!Per Henrik Lausten#
  6. Woo hoo!!!! I can't wait to get you on iChat AV so we can jam!Bruce Elgort#
  7. Rob, yes, we want -- we demand -- MacBook Pr0n. But this time, the proud new owner has to be IN the picture. Volker Weber#
  8. OK OK I shall take piccies. And I shall take some with the timer. No use asking the missus, she will think I'm nuts, wanting my picture taken with a computer :-) Ben Poole#
  9. Bit envious here, post a review next month :)Vince Schuurman#
  10. Hi Ben

    I just setup my MacPro to use for Domino Development using Parralles - what I did that was a bit odd was use Virtue Desktop with a couple of tweaks so that I can get Ctrl-Apple-Right and Ctrl-Apple-Left to switch desktops between Windows and OS X -> this basically gives me the feeling of having a XP machine (well, I actually have setup 1 development and 1 server session) inside a Mac.

    If you would like any pointers please don't hesitate to drop me a line ;o)

    Have fun with your MacBook - I know I am having fun with mine!


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