Apple intrigue

Check out Apple’s home page: they’re up to something of course. I’m assuming that this is the start of the hype around Leopard, and I’m also assuming that Jobs is going to introduce a lot of these “secret” features they’ve been keeping under wraps, now that Vista is out there. The keynote next week should be interesting.

(For those too lazy to take a peek, and / or for posterity’s sake, I’ve saved the banner greeting readers at Apple here).


  1. Apple has been pretty open about what its including. seems to have a different approach to hardware (secret) and software (uses OSS, needs to attract devs)… it includes a podcasting server and other nice stuff.
    James governor#
  2. Yes, the wiki / calendar / workgroup stuff has all been out there for some time (and it's been 'blogged). But that's not what I'm getting at--there's something else going on with the client OS I reckon. And no doubt some hardware fun also.

    Thanks for your link--it makes for very interesting reading!Ben Poole#

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