Partying with Lotus?

So, has anyone got a ticket??

Back in pre-history, those wacky Cantabridgians hosted what became one of the industry’s most gala events at Atlanta’s Fox Theater. It was before my time, but the tales live on. And on. And on. About the 50-yard-long dessert table. ALL chocolate. The mountains of southern delicacies. The full marching band that burst in and through.

“It was like a Roman orgy, only with a brass band,” said one attendee who managed to survive and continues to cover tech.

The end line, to my mind, is a littleharsh: Lotusphere is pretty damn good! (Incidentally, Ed has a link in the sidebar of the site above, so I guess he’s going ;-))

Via Bob Congdon.


  1. I'm just linked in the blogroll of that particular CRN weblog -- I've not decided whether to join the party or not. Probably not..Ed Brill#

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