The cheek!

Every now and again, I plough through /var/log/authsight on Kinky (my “Blackbook”), with uniformly hilarious results. Well, I think it’s funny anyway. You can check out a sampling of the shots here. There’s a definite pattern…

Miscreants on my Macbook, captured by authsight

“What’s authsight?” I hear you ask? Well, every time someone tries to log in to Kinky, and they get the password wrong, a picture is taken of the miscreant using the in-built iSight camera. Great stuff :-)

If you want to know how to set up authsight on your iSight-equipped Mac, is the place to go.


  1. where do you find the pictures when they are taken…what file?hey#
  2. Read the MacOSXHints link for the detail, but on my Mac the pictures are stored as JPEGs in /var/log/authfailBen Poole#

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