Are there any real men left?

Geddy Lee (from just watched some reality TV show tonight where they look to pick, Popstars-style, an actor for the perennial Joseph & The Technicolour Dreamcoat stage show. All the guys who lost out wept like babies—for that matter, so did a lot of the “men” who got through to the next round.

Feckin wusses the lot of ’em.

However, there is light on the horizon: just a few moments ago, Mrs. P. pointed out to me that Rush tickets are on sale for some gigs in London in October. The tour had a name, and so the brain got to whirring: Rush? Here? In October? That must mean a new album?

Hell yeah baby! Out in a few weeks! Oh my gosh: Snakes & Arrows. Sounds awesome: give the forthcoming* single Far Cry a blast over on the official site (And yes, the mix even over t’internet, is better than that on Vapor Trails).

So, we know that young British men are a weeping, sopping gimp-fest, but at least I can rely on the Canadians to bring some much-needed backbone to these shores come the autumn: hopefully some of these youngsters will attend and get the message. My goodness, I thought Rush were on a roll once they released Vapor Trails: it’s so good to see that roll continue. Huzzah, huzzah, and thrice huzzah!

As a geek aside (of course), looks super too: nifty graphics, some nice shots from the recording, and I love the lightning thing. But… but… how did I miss the news up until now? Oh I remember: I keep watching shite like Any Dream Will Do.


* - forthcoming in the UK that is. It’s already out States-side I believe.


  1. Mmmmmm… power trio goodness. :-)

    I will see them from the first 10 rows here in ATL.

    Must be close enough to properly worship Pratt, Lerxst and Dirk.

    I don't think it's out here yet, though, just so you know.Nathan T. Freeman#
  2. Montreal is listed for September. I will not miss that for the world. Far Cry seems to follow the foot steps of Vapor Trails indeed, so that is a very good thing. Not that I don't like Rush's more "midi" era, but I like the sound of Alex's guitar with heavy distortion!

    This will be a long wait…Ben Dubuc#
  3. Yup, they're coming here (Seattle, WA) in July, I already have tickets and preferred parking.

    As for keeping up on things - make sure to sign up for the Rush mailing list at their site. That's how I found out!Greg Walrath#
  4. Personally, I'd prefer the company of the men you disparage rather than the macho hooligans you obviously admire. Frankly, there should be a dusk-to-dawn curfew on so-called 'real men' - 95% of prison inmates are drawn from the group you prefer. Civilised society would be a much better place if the macho bores you admire had never existed.Bernard Devlin#
  5. Jeepers. Note to self: must add more humour tags. As for writing-off Rush as "macho bores"… LOL Ben Poole#
  6. Got my tickets!!!

    Right of the stage, about 25th row. Not bad… Now the loooooooong wait starts as the show is only in September here in Montreal.

    I also managed to find the new album on the net. Not sure if it's real, but it's definitely Rush and it's new material. Can't wait to put my hands on the real thing though.

    I will now load my MP3 player with some new songs… Ben Dubuc#
  7. @Ben: I too have heard it’s on the web. Allegedly, it’s excellent. And apparently there’s a track on the album called Malignant Narcissm which is utterly awesome. So I hear.

    Can’t wait to buy the album and check this stuff out! ;-) Ben Poole#
  8. @4 … and 89.7% of statistics are made up on the spot. Get a grip bro.houdini#

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