Thinking of going freelance?

If you are, given the last couple of years of the “corpporate fight”, I can’t say I blame you: there’s a lot to be said for freelancing (for the right person).

Anyway, I came across a link to FreelanceSwitch, a new weblog dedicated to all things freelance-related. It looks to be a great resource, and is beautifully designed: the site looks gorgeous in Safari especially! Anyway, go take a look, perhaps starting with the helpful post, 101 Essential Freelancing Resources.

Via Jonathan Snook.


  1. Thanks for the pointer Ben. Looks great.Michael Sampson#
  2. Shame that big Gordo hates contractors. IR35 Pah!! Theiving b******.Kerr#
  3. This is true. Especially now that he's taxing MSCs into oblivion too. Although apparently that's not as bad as everyone thinks: Poole#

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