For shame

What is it they say? Never talk about politics or religion on yer weblog?

For shame.


  1. No politics or religion? Who says that?!? Not me, surely!


    Oh, and to your point: sounds like something our US Congress would do, though fortunately the Democrats are taking a slightly better approach to ethics than the Republicans have demonstrated for the past several years. Of course, once the Democrats have been in power for a while, they'll start ignoring ethics too. Power corrupts, as always.Rob McDonagh#
  2. Good to see that open government is alive and well in the UK.

    What surprises me the most (and what MPs seem to forget / ignore / not care about) is that they are public servants voted in by the general populace who are supposed to represent the public interest. For that they get £60,277 a year plus expenses. They are also allowed to be on the boards of companies and make extra money.

    I can't think of many jobs that offer that level of perks. You would have thought that they would welcome the fact that their expenses and communications are open and in the "daylight".

    Once again this has proved (as Rob McDonagh said previously) that all power corrupts when held on to for too long.Anonymous Coward#

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