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Here in the UK we moan. We whinge. We love it. And one of the things I often hear my fellow country men and women moaning about is mobile cellphones. Personally, once I got rid of my Orange phone years ago, and moved to our corporate O2 account, I’ve been happy. OK, so the handsets we get are pretty crap (Nokia’s build quality has definitely lapsed over the years), but the overall network service and pricing has been pretty decent (but don’t start me on text messages. I can’t believe consumers still pay for them in this day and age).

Having read this wee gem though, I’m inclined to think that we in the UK have nothing to moan about, that telecoms in the US seem to be in a far worse state:

Sprint lately has been sending letters to customers disconnecting them for using too much roaming, data, texting and now… CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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  1. And if you stick with the O2 account then according to the rumours then you get the iPhone without having to switch providers.

    MattMatt White#
  2. Yes, saw that story. Although apparently it’s not a done deal yet:
    Ben Poole#
  3. It is a done deal. I'm not sure why they didn't go public yet.
    They already told all the other competitors they had lost.Vitor Pereira#

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