Nathan Freeman: Part 1 - The Revolution will not be televised…. This is incredible stuff from Nathan and his old coleague Colin Macdonald, but so far everyone has been very quiet. Odd!

Well, maybe not—it’s vacation season after all (says one on holiday himself). Nevertheless, as someone who has had his fair few struggles with pushing the user interface in Notes, this is awesome!


  1. Thanks for the pointer, Ben. :-)

    We'll probably get some better responses when we put demo code out there that actually shows off the technology. Tim Tripcony and I are working on some stuff for that, but we keep running into interference from, y'know, WORK and stuff.Nathan T. Freeman#
  2. Gah, work. If it wasn’t for that pesky work thing, I could have got loads out of the door by now!Ben Poole#
  3. It's a nice concept. Mostly it's shown the need for a custom Session object in the Lotus Notes client. You could store custom objects here, and access them from any database or view. It does change the security model a little, and that's something to consider. And framesets would be much more functional.

    Of course, it'd be grand if the Domino Web Server allowed us to store objects in the user's session too! lol

    Let's hope Bob Balaban helps Lotus to see all those elephants in the room.
    Brian Green#

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