End of an era

Well, today I left my employer of the past twelve years. I was beavering away at code until the 11th hour, and there’s still a whole Java project left a little wanting (eek), but my time is up, and I am now out there on my own.

New opportunities have cropped up, and I shall be exploring some of them whilst doing some freelance work over the next few weeks. Interestingly, given my original post about all this, most of the work I’m seeing pop up is IBM / Lotus related. Splendid!

(Yes, this does also mean I will be releasing a new version of DominoWiki soon. Finally. In the meantime, check out what Jason Hook has been up to with the template).


  1. Take a deep breath. Smell that? That is the smell of freedom! Or possibly it's the smell of four-day-old underwear - it's easy to lose track when you're unemployed or contracting from home. Either way, good luck, mate!Chris#
  2. Hey Ben. Congratulations with the free time you gain. I am looking forward to see your new Domino Wiki. Maybe you also will have more time to play your Chapman Stick? What a wonderful instrument. I play double bass myself. A lot less strings.Michel Van der Meiren#
  3. Good move Ben. Nobody ever puts " I wish I had spent more time at the office" on their tombstone. I don't know about the UK, but the Domino job market has improved significantly here in the states over the past six months. I think Lotusphere 2008 is going to generate lots more interest in Notes. I was at the SDR at IBM Westford last month and it was all good news for our favorite platform.Ed Maloney#
  4. Hi Ben. Good to hear that you start to work for yourself. Will be very good for me and also for every other readers here is you could share your experience on what's life like being a freelance.William Beh#
  5. Hi Ben,

    I wish you all the very best for your career.
    Am on payroll no. 3 in 14 month and its the best working environment of the 3. Currently I see hope to not work in an environment which provides a) fair pay and b) managers/co-workers I do respect.

    regards Axel Axel#
  6. The sweet, sweet smell of freedom! Oh and the realisation that you need to pay the mortgage at the end of the month so you'd better get some work done in all that 'free' time you now have! ;-)

    Congrats and enjoy. Pleeeease come to Lotusphere - I need an injection of dancing teapots and loud choruses of 'Tw*t' on the Broadwalk Bridge!Kitty#

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