Oh dear oh dear

First of all, happy turkey day to any American readers here today—have a good one!

Now, to business: what on earth was last night’s poor England - Croatia game all about eh? I think it’s just as well England have failed to qualify for Euro 2008. Perhaps the appropriate parties can now take some time to lick wounds, and contemplate navels (as well they should). Roy Keane says it best:

Roy Keane has blamed the egos in the England camp for their failure to qualify for Euro 2008.
“My opinion, looking in on England from the outside, is that there are too many egos involved in the England set-up and that has cost them dear,” said Keane.

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  1. Ben "Pundit" Poole strikes again ;-)Stuart Williams#
  2. I know! I’m AWESOME

    My thanks to Mr. Williams for the link :-) Ben Poole#
  3. Course, Mr Keane himself never had an ego did he?

    And never considered himself far more important than the success of his Irish team, walking out at the start of the 2002 World Cup…

    The England team has many many issues (lack of skill being the most obvious one last night) but ego isn't this issue right now…Stuart McIntyre#
  4. Heh heh. Well, I still think Keane has a point. Over-hyped, over-paid. He’s getting at more than just the players though, when he talks about the England camp.

    I could only bear to watch the first half, and part of the second. Many people have lamented the state of the pitch for producing a somewhat lumpen game on England’s part. But hey, Croatia were there, on the same pitch, too. It was just very unimaginative, and McLaren’s tactics were all over the place. One striker? Then try three? A goalie with chronic stage-fright making schoolboy errors? Wheel on the old guard for a bit of sympathy? Hmm.Ben Poole#

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