Album cover

I gave in; spotted the meme on Pete Lyons’ site, then saw others like Matt had done it too… So, here’s my album cover:

My made-up album!

Band name from Wikipedia random page, the album title is the last four words from the final quote on the random quotes page and the art should be the third image from the Flickr Interestingness / Last 7 days page.

Update I did a new one. Original photo of a Banksy mural, © 2008 ITSAWONDERFUL-WORLD.COM.


  1. I made mine up last night, and I was pleasantly chuffed with the results. You landed a cracker of an album cover, in terms of the album artwork. That's quite a stunning image. Kudos to the photographer who took that snap.Frank Docherty#
  2. Yes, it’s a great shot, and I’m now trying to find it in my browser history so I can provide attribution!

    If I don’t track it down, I guess I’d better do a new one: don’t want to piss anyone off.Ben Poole#
  3. Very cool. Inspired by yours … here mine
    :-)Julian Woodward#
  4. Nope, couldn’t find the original, so I’ve done a new one!Ben Poole#
  5. I've been trying to ignore this game, but yours put me over the edge.
    Scott Gentzen#
  6. VEry good

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