As keen-eyed observers may have seen, IBM have decided to re-brand the old Best Practices “wiki” and they are now calling it “Domino Wiki”. Hmm.

IBM Domino Wiki.

Well, I want to be absolutely clear on two things here: (1) this IBM site has nothing to do with the long-established OpenNTF DominoWiki project and (2) the IBM site, whilst being about Domino, is not a wiki, nor does it use the DominoWiki template.



  1. So what is it then? :)Mac Guidera#
  2. What, DominoWiki, or Domino Wiki?
    :-D Ben Poole#
  3. Auch, if you had registered as trademark you could sue their socks off ;)Vince Schuurman#
  4. Not with “Domino” in the name I couldn’t… ;-) Ben Poole#
  5. <Off-topic comment (which has been spammed across multiple Domino weblogs) removed>Dmitry#

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