Feeling old(ish)

My eldest turned ten yesterday. My how time flies. I well recall the night he was born!

But enough of this chatter with you whipper-snappers. I think I’d better take my creaking bones and balding pate off to bed now

After all, I need my rest.


  1. Hey Ben -- it gets worse

    My YOUNGEST just turned 9. The oldest started her high school team sports stuff this summer.Andrew Pollack#
  2. And worse and worse…. this year was a triple hit….

    daughter graduated from college
    son graduated from high school
    then daughter got married

    Yikes - I'm not old enough for this!
    chuck dean#
  3. My eldest is 33 and my youngest is 29 with a 31 year old in the middle.

    After your kids become adults, the roles slowly reverse and they start treating you like children. Takes some getting used to, but it's nice to grow old discracefully….Ian Randall#
  4. Thanks gentlemen, I feel better now :-D Ben Poole#
  5. Aye but when to they start keeping me in the manner to which i could grow accustomed? The BMD (bamk of mum and dad) has to close SOME TIME doesn't it? Oh God please say it does… it must ~rave rant~
    Steve McDonagh#
  6. @3 - Unfortunately sometimes you get stuck in the middle. I've still got the 18 year old at home and am also having to deal with issues with my 80 year old Mother.

    @5 - Sometimes it closes due to insolvency. (Looking at several years of paying back wedding bills).Chuck Dean#

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