Online stupidity

I’ve had a Vodafone business account for a year now, and let me tell you, that’s been approximately twelve months too long.

Case in point: I’ve been trying to register for on-line access to my account for that whole time (bizarrely, I registered for the account on-line in the first place!) After all, I do get regular mailshots asking me to review my on-line bills, etc., etc., so I need that access. But Vodafone simply won’t let me log on, there’s always a problem with my access, my account, their website, the phase of the moon, the colour underpants I am wearing at the time.

So anyway, today I thought “Bugger it! I shall sort this once and for all! I am an IT professional! (allegedly)” and I duly re-registered. So far so good, although a number of pages resulted in errors, I ended up with an account…

… except that said account can’t actually action anything—I need to get approval for that from my company administrator apparently.

(You can see where this is going, can’t you?)

I dutifully check my email: lo, an approval request has landed. Good-oh!

Online stupidity, part 1

In a fit of blind optimism, I click on the link provided in the email:

Online stupidity, 2

Yep, there y’go you beauty. Great stuff.

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