Oh well that’s alright then

OK so at a mere $300m over eight years he wasn’t the fattest of the fat cats, but this story still beggars belief:

Mr Fuld said he took “full responsibility for the decisions that I made and for the actions that I took” and defended his actions as “prudent and appropriate” based on information he had at the time.

The former boss of Lehman has taken full responsibility for the decisions he was paid $300m to take. Oh that’s good of him. And hey, at least he was “prudent”. But wait! There’s more!

“I feel horrible about what happened,” he added.

What a splendid chap. BBC news: Lehman Bros head took home $300m.


  1. I too would feel horrible about what happened, just imagine, no more 6 figure christmas bonuses…

    kam cheung#
  2. He has to appear contrite and do the dance, but deep down you know he's looking at these indignant politicians, a breed not known for stellar competence themselves, and thinking 'I'm $300m richer than you lot, STFU n00bs'Colin Pretorius#

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