Warning: new MacBooks & BlackBerry

I nipped over to the Mark/Space support site for some assistance with sync’ing my BlackBerry Pearl, and found this wee gem:

In our testing, we have confirmed that the MacBook and MacBook Pro (Aluminum/Unibody, Late 2008) models are currently unable to sync data using the Missing Sync software. While we are unable to offer a work-around or solution at this time, we anticipate having one in the near future.

Great; “near future”: is that like the software upgrades Mark/Space regularly come out with?</sarcasm>

BlackBerry device support on OS X really is stellar: first, we have no reliable way of installing / updating BlackBerry software, second no-one makes a Bluetooth solution and now this. Bah. Anyway, if you’re in a similar position to me, be warned. I would link to the Mark/Space knowledgebase article, but they don’t offer permalinks.

Mark/Space support site.

Update this affects PocketMac too. They have published a more useful knowledgebase to track the issue.

Update USB driver updates have been released. Download them here.


  1. Ben - just noticed this about 5 minutes before reading your site - unreal… although the mac software was not that good anyway, now its just a joke. My contacts are different to my blackberry (therefore Lotus Notes) contacts - lovely….

    I heard there is new software by BB on the way for Mac - I wonder if there is a beta list?Paul Mooney#
  2. I won’t hold my breath. Mac support for BlackBerry has been piss-poor from the start: PocketMac is pretty pants, and Missing Sync only works sporadically, with software updates that even DominoWiki puts to shame.

    Anyhooooooo, I don’t like my Pearl, and I get to replace handsets in January, so BlackBerry will be gone for good soon. Huzzah!Ben Poole#

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