On Piratebay

There has been a perception that piracy is OK and that the music industry should just have to accept it. This verdict will change that…


So, who are they going after next? Google? Many of the same principles at stake.

BBC news: Court jails Pirate Bay founders.


  1. cant they just move the servers to Ethiopia, it seems that the real pirates are sitting therePatrick Kwinten#
  2. Ben, I totally agree that this verdict doesn't change squat. What the record companies have to ask is why their products are so often pirated while other digital products are pirated much less and what is wrong with their business model. On the flip side, it does concern me that so many people thing that anything in digital format should be free. That's not a viable answer either.Dave Parillo#
  3. I never see those 'corporate' music label guys at the front row of a concert.

    Maybe if they would less commercialize the music and not trying to push their music through my throat I would be a little less harsh towards them.

    They're just fucking dealers, try to hook you on their commercial interests at any cost.

    I wonder if more independent music and film labels have so much problems with selling their quality products?Patrick Kwinten#

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