Seven years

This weblog is seven years old now. In fact, as usual, I missed its actual birthday last week. Tsk.

I think seven’s supposed to be lucky isn’t it?? Either way, I definitely owe a present—perhaps some actual site content would be a good start. I know it’s been rather quiet here: lots of coding, lots of working, lots of general running-the-ole’-business-ing. Watch this space, and if you’re still here, my thanks!


  1. Happy belated birthday. Here's to another seven years.Matt White#
  2. Hurrah… and once again hurrah..

    You're getting old…Paul Mooney#
  3. Woohoo! Well done for sticking with it…and thank goodness for RSS :pColin Williams#
  4. Congrats! Can't believe seven year have gone by. Keep it coming Ben.Vitor Pereira#
  5. Congrats! 2 years older than me, in blogging years that is :)Ferdy#
  6. I liked your site.Rob Miller#

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