Quiet innit?

This site is currently in recharge mode, with the owner and family holidaying in Florida. Normal service will resume shortly. In the meantime, we’re off to another theme park… :-)


  1. You're most notably absent from twitter. Hope the recharging is going well. Oh, and isn't your trip 6 months late?Colin Williams#
  2. Hope you and the fam are enjoying all we have to offer!Mac Guidera#
  3. Colin, yeah, but the weather’s better!

    Mac: indeed! Have been in Fla. a few times over the years, always enjoy it. We seem to have timed things well weather-wise, and have certainly fitted a lot in. By the end of Tuesday the following itinerary will be complete:

    Magic Kingdom (twice!)
    Animal Kingdom
    Universal Islands of Adventure
    Blizzard Beach
    Typhoon Lagoon
    Wet ’n’ Wild
    Sea World
    Hollywood Studios

    … I think that’s it ;-) Ben Poole#

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