ANOTHER technology to learn!

Damien Katz:

CouchApps are web applications that are served directly from CouchDB, no intermediate server is needed, it’s all HTML, Javascript, JSON and of course CouchDB. The killer feature of CouchApps is the ability to replicate the Apps—both the data and the design—for distributed and offline usage. With a local instance of CouchDB (soon to be included as part of Ubuntu), you can replicate the apps locally and access them in your web browser just as if you were online.

CouchDB is one of those things I’ve been idly looking at forever and a day, but crikey, there’s some real traction there now. Lawks, another technology to get my head around (add to the list with Google apps / Python, PHP,…)

Read more: Apache CouchDB and Lotus.

(And be sure to check out the Getting started with Java page in the CouchDB wiki: using Couch from the CouchDB4J API looks insanely simple).

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