London Developer Co-op Leadership Summit

So, this weekend should be interesting. Mr. Myers, Mr. White and myself are nipping up to Malham to the south of the fabled Yorkshire Dales, for a bit of a dander.

As one might expect from such exalted company, there will be lively discussion, a full and frank exchange of ideas about the future of the London Developer Co-op, and perhaps the odd beverage.

I believe Mr. White will also be conducting an in-depth Xpages seminar from the top of Gordale Scar—inspiration indeed!

(Ooh, talking of beverages, the lubrication for the journey to Yorkshire will be a gentle stout called Tokyo from the splendid Brewdog brewery in Scotland).


  1. So you're bringing the projector and screen for the XPages session right Ben? I've got the lectern, class material and a couple of spare laptops for lazy walkers who have forgotten theirs.Matt White#
  2. No, I thought we could follow the “unconference” model, and bring sweet FA?Ben Poole#
  3. ill do the catteringMark Myers#
  4. How stupid do I feel. I always called it "going on the razz" this weekend. Only to be told by swmbo no.Steve Castledine#
  5. Brewdog Brewery is in the hometown (I believe) of a certain Mr William S Buchan, aka Wild Bill.John Lindsay#
  6. Buchan?

    Never ’eard of ’im.Ben Poole#

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