London Developer Co-op Leadership Summit minutes

Minutes of the inaugural London Developer Co-op Leadership Summit

In attendance: Messrs. White, Myers and Poole.

Location: Malhamdale, Yorkshire

All three participants met on the concourse of King’s Cross station, ready for the journey from the dirty ole’ smoke to the pure boundless air of Skipton, North Yorkshire. The journey proceeded without event, and all three individuals became gently intoxicated with thoughts of the weekend ahead, the fresh air, the stimulating conversation…

Or perhaps it was the Tokyo beer.

We arrived in the dales at around 9.30pm, dropped baggage off at the BnB, and then repaired to the nearest pub for refreshment and to begin the weekend’s discussions.

Discussion redacted.

Mr. Poole, exhausted by the mental effort expended over the evening, proceeded to nod off on the sofa, and so bed was called-for.

Saturday commenced with a hale ’n’ hearty full English, and then the dander began in earnest: a brisk 16 mile tootle around the dales and vales of Yorkshire.

Mutant Mountain Goat

Malham Tarn

After lunch, Malham Tarn

The leadership team visited Gordale Scar, Malham Tarn, various limestone pavements, and Malham Cove over the course of the tootle. All three also had ice lollies, Mr. Myers performed an extraordinary “JJ The Jet Plane” impression, and Mr. Poole, he did an impression of—er, well, let us just leave it at that.


The dander ceased at approximately 4pm, when the group again repaired to a public house for refreshment and good conversation. Some of this was conducted on the floor in front of the pub, before the team was able to make its way to a table and chairs. After further drinks, and a quick freshen-up at the BnB, the group returned to the public house for some food (and drink), and to resolve the last outstandings of the London Developer Co-op agenda.

After a top-up pint at an adjacent public house, the group became silent for some time, no doubt ruminating on the events and chat of the day.

Mr. Poole, exhausted by the mental effort expended over the evening, proceeded to nod off on the sofa, and so bed was called-for.

Sunday began a little less brightly (there was mist in them thar hills), but after a full English breakfast (again), our intrepid danderers made their way out to the dales once more. A much shorter tootle this time, which took in the breathtaking Janet’s Foss and environs. The group stopped dandering at around 11am, in time for a cab back to Skipton, from whence a trip to Leeds was in order.

Janet's Foss

After some careful purchases (comic books mainly), the leadership team repaired to a mid-city hostelry for refreshment, and a light snack of deep-fried nonsense. Discussions were concluded, and the team could then concentrate on the pint-related business at hand. All acquitted themselves well, and Mr. Poole is to be congratulated for not falling asleep.

Selected quotes from the weekend

  • On cream teas: “I once ate a whole tub of clotted cream. Can’t say I’m that keen.”
  • You’re a spooky-eyed numbnuts
  • On the king of biscuits: “Why would you dunk a custard cream? It’s just insanity.”

Flickr: full set of Malham pictures.

A most successful dander, and many thanks Mr. Myers (AKA the Mutant Mountain Goat) for arranging!

Update: Matt has uploaded his photos, and combined them with Mark’s.


  1. And some extra photos from myself and the afore mentioned Mutant Mountain Goat: White#
  2. Eh up lads, looks like you had a grand time…
    (Yes I'm bored already)Duncan Bradley (aka the Juror)#

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