England’s going mad

Just read this piece on the Guardian’s website. An English council is actually trying to ban parents from municipal playgrounds to “protect” children:

Henry Porter, Paranoia in the playground.



  1. Going?

    More like gone. Gone to ridiculous lengths to "safeguard" our civil liberties.

    They ban a simple game of conkers on the pretense that somebody "might" get injured. They ban bouncy castles for the same reason. The ban window boxes because they might fall and hurt somebody. Is this all to help us, the citizens?

    No. It's to stop those who try and sue the council if something goes wrong. The compensation culture in the UK has taken off similar to the way it did in the US. The "ambulance chasers" have got free reign. Ever seen daytime TV adverts? "Did you have an accident? You can claim damages on a no-win no-fee basis." It's stupid. Even if the person suing doesn't win, the council have to pay for somebody to counteract these claims just because somebody tripped on a kerbstone and bruised their knee.

    All the low paid, or low income people are now really pushing this because they see it as easy money. Councils are having to fight back with the only thing they can do. ie. cover their own asses because of idiots.

    In this case, it is just another case of people mis-reading the wording on the council act and jumping to false conclusions and sensationalism in the name of journalism.

    Dragon Cotterill#
  2. As my father-in-law put it:

    That's it. Cradle to grave control by the state.

    Pre-birth State provided abortion on demand.
    Nursery State provided nursery places so that the over taxed parents can get out, working, to pay more tax
    School State provided – mandatory – schooling (almost there?)
    Playtime State provided playgrounds – no parents
    Adulthood State provides a multitude of interconnected personal databases and monitoring systems allowing almost full control of you lives
    Old Age State provided euthanasia clinics to remove the non-productive from being a burden (We're not quite there yet)Stuart McIntyre#

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