Delicious tip

In light of today’s leaked news re Yahoo! killing Delicious, amongst other services, you might find this wee command handy if you have a *NIX shell to hand:

curl -o delicious.xml https://{your username}:{your password}

What is it with social bookmarking sites? First ma.gnolia died on me, and now this. Bah!


  1. Thanks, very useful. Pretty incredible how they've managed to neglect all these coolio acquisitions (Delicious, Upcoming, even Flickr in some ways).Tim#
  2. Ha! I ran the backup *before* I bookmarked this page. ;-)Tim#
  3. Linkjam lives!

    Runs on Domino and it't not going anywhere :-)Bruce Elgort#
  4. You can of course back-up your bookmarks, it’s not like Delicious has gone (yet)—but I ♥ curl :-)

    Once you have your back-up, if you have a LinkJam account, you can import all your Delicious bookmarks there. Huzzah!Ben Poole#
  5. Ben,
    Thanks for the tip.
    By the way, I got an error curl: (60) SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. that was solved by adding


    at the end of your command.
    Any bookmarking solution with a Firefox plugin ? LinkJam ?Miguel Angel Calvo#
  6. Another reason I have been using Diigo all along. Store there and they sync'd to numerous other bookmarking services. So I had the same copies across systems and it also then didnt matter where those I shared with were. Check them out. Miller#
  7. Good thing I have a feed for 'Whatever Chris Miller joins in the social space'. I didn't remember but I had joined and secured a username but never used it.
    Cherry on top is the 'Import your bookmarks from Delicious' button.Vitor Pereira#
  8. P.S. Delicious has an export function here: Pereira#

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