I’ve been using OS X since its inception, way back in 2001. And since I’ve been using OS X, I’ve also been using NetNewsWire, the wonderful news reader originally developed by Brent Simmons. There was a sea-change this summer though, oh yes! Tired of the latest version of NNW (and its beach-balling), I opted to switch.

You see, I tried NNW on the iPhone (it was OK but didn’t really “stick” for me). I “upgraded” to NNW 4 (the app store-friendly iteration) but that has some annoying deficiencies and shows no sign of ever being updated, and I was somewhat frustrated with my news feeds as a result.

But I’d heard good things about Reeder, and after a straw poll on twitter, decided to get it. Well, it sure is purty, so having made the purchase I fired it up and imported my news feeds. Splendid! I used it happily for a couple of weeks, and then opted to grab the iOS version too. Even better! It’s good to be keeping up with news again now. First of all, Reeder chucks content to whatever service you care to mention (I use delicious and Instapaper mainly, but the Evernote integration is cool too), and what’s more, the iOS / Mac OS versions sync nicely via Google Reader.



  1. Went through a similar transition myself. Reeder on all my devices, loving it! :-)Colin Williams#
  2. I've done the same thing on the Lion side, but I really miss the tabs that NNW had, as well as right clicking on a group of posts to choose Mark All as Read. Lastly I don't seem to be able to drag and drop feeds into different folders. If it had those features I would be completely satisfied. Right now I'm still missing some of the NNW goodness...Greyhawk68#
  3. Yeah I missed a lot of the nice “full-fat” NNW features when I switched to v4 in the App Store. But time marches on, and I really do like Reeder—especially the iOS client.Ben Poole#

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