Manic times! I should really lift the nose from the grindstone and fill you in. It’s interesting (I think). So, this is what’s been a-happening:

  • Big-ish project customising IdeaJam for a major global financial customer. Gave me a chance to really dig in to Matt White’s code and find out that, you know, it’s good.
  • Two projects for some smaller companies, dealing with greenfield IBM Connections / Domino integration for one, and modernising some exceptionally well-coded Lotusscript for another.
  • Dealing with many many recruitment agents (sad face).
  • A six day contract building an HTML5 iPad application from excellent Photoshop designs. The main challenge with this project (aside from time) was building an HTML / Javascript-rendered 360° model which needed to rotate when swiped, but which also needed to have an overlay of links (twelve in total) which appeared/ disappeared as the model rotated through 75 frames. The rotation came courtesy of Petr Vostřel and his jQuery Reel plug-in. The links overlay took some actual work ;-)
  • Coding some bits n pieces for the upcoming MyMusicRX app, which Bruce describes in more detail here. Good fun!

Who knows what October will bring?


  1. All of which (except agents) sounds like fun and interesting. Uber-jealous, wish I was out there competing. John Marshall#

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