A decade!

Not that you’d know it given blogging levels for the past eight months or so, but today this site hits the merry old age of ten! Crikey, how time flies. When I started, there was one other Domino chap out there writing a regular Domino dev site (hello Jake), and that was about it. A flurry of Domino sites followed. Who could forget the original Blogsphere templates, Mike Golding’s NotesTips site, or the original long-lost blogging template, FreeDomBlog? Ah what larks.

So anyway, here’s to the last ten years. Things have changed a lot eh.


  1. Happy tenth Ben! (good times, good times :-)Colin Williams#
  2. Blimey, that's probably about the same time I started seeing your name crop up in NSF agents on the ABAS serversMark Rowan#
  3. Mark, my favourite agents were “Agent 007” and “Dave’s Fantastic Agent”. We took stuff very seriously, oh yes :-)

    (I moved into ABAS Tech. nearly fourteen years ago. Eeek!)Ben Poole#

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