Talkin’ loud… redux

In my last post I fumed at some over-blown drivel spouted on a Microsoft-loving site re Windows 8, and we all deal frequently with vapid outpourings of utter snot from Apple fans to boot. But now, now we get a pile of ole’ tom-tit from the ’droid peeps—moreover, someone who should really know better. Oh the humanity!

John Furrier, Apple’s $95 million Android Wet Blanket.

Google is changing the game by simplifying the application experience within applications. My take away from Google IO in SF is that Google is making the experience people-centric and integrating all aspects of the web, mobile, personal, and work experiences into one consumerized user experience.

What…? Eh? Spew.


  1. Wouldn't you just like to turn the power off once in a while and say "Consumerize that web experience arsehole!"jason [Chrome]#

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