Oh if you must: editing Lotusscript in Sublime Text 2

A Domino tip!

The easiest way to get going is to ensure you have VBScript syntax support installed in Sublime Text 2. Navigate to “Syntax” under the “View” menu and see what gets listed. If you don’t have the VBScript stuff, there are a few ways to update your package support, but I would just use Sublime Package Control to install it (a lovely add-in to the editor which lets you do all sorts of stuff).

Once you’ve done that, do this (these instructions are for OS X, but should be similar on Windows and Linux):

  1. Open the command palette (command-shift P on the Mac)
  2. Start typing "install" in the dropdown. It should auto-complete to “Package Control: Install Package”
  3. Once in package control type "vb" to find the VBScript Syntax Highlighting package
  4. Restart the editor
  5. Open an LSS file
  6. Go to View » Syntax » Open all with current extension as…
  7. Choose “VBScript”
  8. Observe how your LSS file gets all colourfied innit

Not perfect, but it will do—job done.


  1. Whilst you’re using Sublime Package Control, do another install and this time search for “SublimeTODO”: very useful if you pepper your code with TODOs like me!
    Ben Poole#
  2. Now for auto completion of the Notes... objects

    with undocumented in a different color, possibly even indicating properties/methods available on newer versions onlyLars Berntrop-Bos#
  3. wait a sec, completion files are in JSON innit?

    I recall I did a parse helpfile into Javadoc parser once, I'll dig up that bit of code, and publish the completion files.Lars Berntrop-Bos#
  4. XML I think. Looking at the package definitions for the VBScript syntax for example, a load of in-built functions are defined in VBScript.tmLanguageBen Poole#

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