03. Collab., IT's last chance to matter

cf. Nicholas Carr, 'IT Doesn't Matter' (Harvard Business Review, May 2003) posits that the IT function should be boring, just a management role.
  • IT function as an owner or operator of collaborative services
  • Clay Shirky cited Lotus Notes in the example of any technology requiring IT function involvement, meaning that it's broken. People use email, IM & web-based services because those ports aren't blocked.

    Kath: re accountability. Would a function want to take all this on.
    Shirky: moving away from enterprise package wars (Sharepoint vs. Domino or whatever) towards the enterprise / web-based stuff war

    • On multiple solutions
    • Sampson: we can't sit in front of different interfaces & work together. The lack of standards means that this is all broken
      Shirky: users will find the thing they want & use it. Nothing better than email has come along hence its prevalent
      Turek: training re making effective use of tools, not how to use the tools
      Kath: pick one tool, make it easy... more tools do not make for more collaboration. That would be the sign that IT has 'grown up' i.e. when it says to the business that they don't need a tool for a particular issue.