08. Convergence

Convergence: the Key to Collaboration

Andrew Davis: Convergence NOT the key, collaboration

  • may* be the key to convergence.
  • Gray Moeller: people choosing to live in a particular tool (be it email, IM, whatever) = a convergence point, but one that's different for user to user.

    Andrew Davis: How to quantify ROI on products aimed at stream-lining / convergence?

    V. difficult... tricky to quantify any of this stuff related to collaboration. Cisco propose they do it in measuring sales effectiveness etc. Avaya look at theirs systems' involvement in disaster recovery / plans -- something more concrete to hang the stuff off over the longer term.

    In 2005 it's anticipated that 50% phone deployments to US enterprises will be IP-based. Only the last couple of years that IP telephony has really taken off.

    Starting off from 'I can send email from a Mac to a Win machine... why can't an IP phone from one vendor not work directly with another?'

    323 supported, but in a slightly different way for each vendor, and it's pretty tricky, and it's a very basic standard. GM stated that he believes SIP is the best way forward, with new handsets that are switch-agnostic. Discussion around how can it be advantageous from a business perspective for the big players... which is the whole point. Interop comes with time I suppose.

    cf. the article re Skype's (lack of a) business model: is this the model, playing against Avaya, Cisco, Nortel and co.??

    This was a bit of a frustrating session, with talk of smart-tags integration, click to dial, yadayada. Who needs this stuff? Why can't we just have a 'callto:' link with an encrypted call stream via 'Skype Corporate'??!?