07. Presence: Battle for desktop

Anil Gupta, MS

Interesting data (by which I mean totally misleading) re the uptake of presence in organisations. Apparently the split is 79% MS, 7% IBM, 7% Siemens, plus 'Other'


Anyway, enterprise IM is really kicking off in 2005 with long-term view for IM servers. Links to presence via GPS, smart cards, GPRS, calendars, etc., etc.

Average per-seat cost IT execs prepared to pay is around $300

Gupta focussed on younger additions to workforce re IM preference over email.

Impact of presence is to resolve the issues of falling rates re success of corporate communications, i.e. actually getting through to someone.

... talk about taking presence in to other business processes beyond simple comms.

... linking presence to groups & expert availability

Gupta talked about 'presence feeds' (XML) feeding into a document (!) and that this all needs into AD, Exchange and Office. Of course.

Eric Mack raised the issue of productivity and presence, i.e. 'getting things done'... response was to focus on 'policies', both in terms of normal social interaction plus setting IM / presenc epolicies in an app (i.e. 'do not disturb' unless caller / chatter is family, the boss, etc.) Gupta also mentioned that 'state' can be handy now that we have it (i.e. 'do not disturb' puts people off from calling etc.)

  • Presence being expressed outside of the enterprise: what's the thinking... standards? Some MS talk, but heh
  • IT being out of the loop with things tha developed in spite of it (Crackberry, the PC, etc).