05. Real-time comms dashboards

1) Siemens (Vijay Bhagavath)

Talk about HiPath? OpenScape?... works with LCS & SharePoint?. 'Contextual collaboration' with relevant contact pop-ups. Converges IM, voice, etc.
  • Nice touch = 'preferred device' for each contact
  • 'Tell me when' feature for notification if presence status changes
  • Eek, slides in MS Comic Sans
  • Integrated logging of comms events, e.g. voice, IM, documents.
  • 2) Avaya (Gary Moeller)

    Discussion of soft-phones, intelligent call redirection... 'Click to dial' (TAPI). Soft phone product also supports IM. Products include Extension to Cellular. Lots of integration points with vm, Domino, Outlook & directories (presumably LDAP).
    • Web conferencing app is 'Meeting Exchange' for app shares, data share, etc.
    • Modular Messaging = web / mail client integration with voicemail systems
    • Speech interface via Unified Communication Centre
    • Collaboration Client puts all of this together... just as well, because was about to ask where the dashboard was.
    • 3) Microsoft (Ed Simnett AKA 'predictably cocky')

      Re delivering dashboards and the like, it's hard to touch enterprise email & phone systems, whilst IM & related systems are too immature.

      Product is MS Office Communicator which works with LCS & Live Meeting. So what's with the 'any device' bit of the slide?!?

      Lots of talk about 'ecosystems' and extensibility, i.e. importance of ISVs and developers... echos of that Steve Ballmer moment ;o)

      4) Questions

    • All very well, but how do you hide (rely on policy?) when you need to, and what about presence automation? Registering location and linking with calendar?
    • Do they eat their own dogfood?
    • Quantitative benefits: which product is the key here for each vendor? Avaya: soft phone. Siemens: availability in OpenScape?. Microsoft: application integration with presence.
    • Future of the IP phone? Will it just become a basic piece of hardware interfacing with PCs (working with soft phones), or will they remain?