Bugs in DominoWiki. Please note that this site is running a beta of 1.2 therefore issues may arise!

Please add any issues as you come across them.


  • nowiki tags can't be used inside table cells:
  • Generated HTML / XML

    • It's not valid yet (e.g. lists). Maybe one day...
    • Regression errors related to handling Chr(10)'s when generating HTML. This page is a good example, but I think your bugs list would read easier on the eyes if specific errors were illustrated on separate pages. That said, Markup containing BulletAfterLineBreak? and TableAfterLineBreak? should render properly.
    • Possibly one of your spammers broke the RSS feed. Try to open Recent changes & I get:
    • :

      XML parsing error

      fatal parsing error: tag mismatch in line 14, column 171
      <item><title>HyperText?</title><pubDate>Mon, 7 Jan 2008 05:43:44 -0700</pubDate><description> . . . </item>

      Yeah those spammers pepper their content with dodgy entities ;o) --Ben


      Noticed two things when using a layout that puts the nav menu on the left (attached):
      • The categorised view displays the nav menu on top of the view. Looks as if the view is short a closing div.
      • The Style tips slider no longer aligns within the visible space on the browser. First time, it's partially in, close & reopen tips & it's off to the right - you have to scroll to get to it. Noticed that using the default layout, resizing the window causes the tips layer to align it's right edge with the right edge of the style tip drawer icon. Resizing the window resets its position.
      • The new stylesheet you're using is sweet! Great job. Noticed is doesn't float enough to the right on some pages. See: any page?Edit or any page history or DominoWikiStyleSheet. Looks as if a pixel or % positioning is being used instead of floating the nav area

        Yeah - take a look at the stylesheet. It's not NEARLY done yet ;)

        Actually, i like it a lot, even in it's unfinished state. -- Dave

        HorizontalRuleMarkup? does not appear to work. For example:

        should produce one.

        It should indeed. And does! But the CSS wasn't rendering it - works now. --Ben


        • List of privileges in the log-in details pop-up aren't translated