Thought I'd introduce myself 'formally' as I've been visiting this wiki a bit lately. I'm a developer / manager at a small company (Rite-Solutions) in SanDiego?, CA. Clearly I have too much time on my hands lately. ;-)

It's a small company, but we have gotten some press re: Idea Exchanges. Started with a NYTimes article which generated a bit of buzz on Slashdot - some very funny, some very rude. We appeared in CNBC's The Business of Innovation: Innovators & Iconoclasts.

We use LotusNotes? (and DominoWiki) extensively at work, although we allow essentially no Anonymous access to any of our databases. I'm looking forward to release 1.2. Hey Ben, is there a DominoWikiFeatureList anywhere?

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  • DominoWikiStylesheet (monobook clone style)