Well, you're reading a page in DominoWiki right now! DominoWiki is the oh-so-imaginative name given to this Domino-based wiki template. You can find out more about the application -- including a download link -- at the OpenNTF website:

Project home page

I just became aware of this project a day or so ago, installed a test database at our site (well I had a db admin do it for me, as I'm not worthy... A very nice simple app. Congratulations! It looks as if activity on this database is picking up recently. Any plan to release John Smart's proposed changes, or would you prefer folks to integrate his changes locally and then get post feedback on the project page? Not really sure about the process here. I was in the middle of several simplistic design changes (extending the safeHTML list, etc) when I ran across that discussion thread. - DSParillo

Hi there -- yes, I have integrated most of John's changes, and will be releasing 1.2 soon. Just got a few bugs to iron out yet! -Ben

On a slightly random note, feel free to advertise that DominoWiki runs perfectly well under the Konqueror web browser. I've used it with DominoWiki for a year without a hitch.

In the interest of helping out with a 1.2 release, attached is a variant of DominoWiki 1.1 we've been using internally at our company all year. i can't upload documents to OpenNTF I left some docs in it that may be globally applicable (a tutorial and such similar).

Key features

  • All of John Smart's changes except those related to generating BackLinks - this did not work on a 6.5 server and I didn't take the time to investigate why.
  • Markup changes:
  • * Added '**' (etc) to indicate multiple bullet list levels.
  • ** can use ~ and # in links
  • * Added ':' for indenting, more ':''s result in more indenting.
  • * (?NamespaceName:PageName?) to indicate name spaces
  • ** Added SubPage markup: '.' indicates a subpage, ^ links to a sibling, ! looks for an ancestor up the subpage tree and roots the URL from there.
  • * added a 'find' URI, allowing a link to return the results of a search, such as in foo+AND+bar.
  • Minor edits do not show up on RecentChanges or propagate through the RSS feed
  • BP note, Feb 2009: some of these changes have made it to 1.2.1. Thanks Dave!

    UI changes

    • Reorganized stylesheets and created a stylesheet in the monobook style.
    • Added a TagCloud
    • : I like it!
      : I also like how you have changed the 'tag management' ui
    • Added navigation links at the top of each page: Edit, Discussion, and History
    Hi Dave, many thanks for doing that! FYI I have BackLinks working in the 1.2 release. Have also re-attached the nsf as a zip file to save the ole' bandwidth. Cheers! - Ben
    : My pleasure! DominoWiki is IMHO an overlooked star in the OpenNTF constellation --Dave

    Is there a known issue with the provided 'pimped' 1.1 version template with creating pages having identical names, or is it our Domino Server?

    Example for 1.1pimp with a page named 'Tester':
    Creating 'Tester' results in a new page with the title 'Cester' (or else)
    Creating 'tester' forwards automatically to the existing page 'Tester'

    I see, that in version 1.2RC entering an existing title when creating a new page automatically forwards to the existing page :-) But when I tested the pimped 1.1 version attached to this page I found, that when I enter an existing title while creating a new page, DW simply replaces the first letter with some other :-(
    Any idea?
    Best regards-Stefan

    Hi Stefan - yes, functionality has changed somewhat between 1.1. and 1.2!