A place to list and discuss adding stylesheets for DominoWiki.


Never being a huge fan of the right-sided nav menu, we created (stole?) for our in-house wiki. It's the style used by mediawiki by default & we went with it to increase the level of adoption in our company. People tend to prefer what they are familiar with. It uses the classes JohnSmart created to allow styling different links with css.

Sample page rendered using the monobook style


I prefer to keep the resources a bit more organised, so the monobook.css expects all the images to live in a single resource file, skin-monobook. Create a new resource page named skin-monobook and attach all the images in file to it.

If you plan to use the left-sided layout, then backup your existing layout.css before applying the one in the zip file. You'll need to rename it to layout.css in order to use it. Although, AFAIK, the existing layout should work with this skin just fine.


One note re: SafariBrowser?(s). The nav menu doesn't display properly on locked pages (at least on our wiki, which admittedly has been modified). If anyone has a fix or suggestion, I'm all ears, since I don't use Safari, being a LinuxType?, myself.

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