Home page layout:

Videos (latest YT one) - automatic
Twitter - automatic
Facebook - standard link box pane
News - automatic, show latest x news items

HOME PAGE document:
Modules list field
News preferences (how many to show)
Publish / Draft status (with warning if <> 1 honme page)

PAGE document
Flag to set as news (and therefore eligible to appear on front page)
Publish / Draft status
(Optional) page title
(Mandatory) page short-link title
Publication date / time
(Optional) tags
(Advanced) flag to use raw HTML rather than editor-generated
CODE to bring in linked module mark-up as necessary
(Optional) whether page should appear in site's menu structure

MODULE document
Module mark-up
Module requirements (i.e. CSS or JS files)
Parameter fields for module mark up (up to three?)
Module name / identifier
CODE to detect saved changes
CODE to update client pages if change == true