Working from home again today, and this means I've finally started unpacking the study. Should be good when it's all set up — complete with the new ADSL rig (fingers crossed it'll go live next Tuesday).

BTW, mail aliasing for my domain doesn't seem to be quite up to par yet. So don't mail me.

Prompted by a recent visit to what was "", and is now the LDD, a discussion forum, I've decided to write a series of articles on what I term "real-life" best practice techniques. There's far too much flaky Notes and Domino development going on out there, and by jove, it's got to stop! The first part can be found here! Who knows, I may even swallow some of my own medicine. I'm as flaky as they come…

Returning to the LDD, I used to be a very regular contributor, but find myself going there less and less. It oft-times resembles a "Notes for muppets" talking shop, and no-one's grateful for the help you give anyway. Bah, humbug, grumble…

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